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She Leaves The Mountain is an alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia whose psychedelic-infused lyrics and guitar provoke exotic states of mind.

Founded in 2014 when guitarist Rodney Aravena (End of Fashion and Sleepy Jackson) worked alongside vocalist Dimity Magnus (performance and visual artist) at renowned Australian venue Devilles Pad. The duo went into lockdown for over 3 years creating bold, original material that combines dirty and uplifting riffs with raw and honest lyrics.

The band has since expanded with the addition of bassist Julianne Concepcion (Harm’s Way and Brown), and drummer Malcolm Clark (End of Fashion and Sleepy Jackson).

Inspired by bands such as Can and film Junun, She Leaves The Mountain composes melodic and meditative music with lyrics echoing basic human truths and perceptions of reality, creating intense moments of emotive release.

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